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Plockmatic Reflex Card Mailing System

Plockmatic Reflex is a modular concept offering maximum flexibility to meet a wide variety of direct mail demands. Packaged together with the card feeder module,  it is the perfect solution for all short run card jobs.As the regular Reflex mailing system, it can handle most envelope types – long edge or short edge flaps and from C4 down to DL type.

We want to help you:

  • Reduce labor costs by 50-70%

  • Improve quality and integrity (as system vs. hand/manual processing

  • Payback as short as 1 year


  • 4,000 / hr.
  • S65 / DL / #10
  • C4 / B4 / 10x13"
  • End and side seam flap
  • 105x225 mm / 4.13x8.85"
  • 353x353 mm / 13.9x13.9"
  • 93x210 mm / 3.66x8.26"
  • 300x315 mm / 11.81x12.4"
  • 1 pcs of 60 gsm
  • 12 mm / 0.47"

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